Pain to Relief in 60 Seconds1

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Curtis Emordi, Clinical Lead & Consultant in Emergency Medicine at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow

We have found Penthrox to be a really valuable and cost-effective addition to our analgesia for moderate to severe pain attributed to trauma injuries since we introduced it to our Emergency Department. We have used Penthrox mainly on dislocations and fracture injuries to shoulders, wrists, ankles, and the like.

The ‘time to administer’ is literally a few seconds, with the onset of pain relief being also a further few seconds. Although it does not take away all of the pain, distressed patients are very quickly able to relax, giving our clinicians the ability to get to work on the patient’s injuries.

In quite a few cases, we have saved not just time, but also valuable resource, as the injuries have been able to be dealt with in the minor injury section, whereas some of these patients would have been needed to have been moved to majors/resus previously, thus as stated, saving valuable resource/time/space.

I can also highlight that when Penthrox has been used, it has resulted in less IV related analgesia, which has contributed to helping speed of ‘Patient flow’ through the department, and also a better patient experience.

After administering Penthrox, some manipulations have been able to be carried out without the need for further analgesia. Patients have in many cases reported that Penthrox brought ‘great pain relief’. I fully recommend the use of Penthrox to any ED facilities that are considering its use.

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